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Customer Success Representative, Nigeria - Remote - Abuja, Adamawa, Ibadan


Position : Customer Success Representative, Nigeria - Remote - Abuja, Adamawa, Ibadan

Customer Success Representative, Nigeria - Remote 
DreamStart Labs is seeking a remote-based contractor to help us expand and scale up an exciting mobile app called DreamSave in the Nigeria market. DreamSave, which targets village savings groups and informal community banks, is currently in production in multiple countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to work for an exciting technology company helping millions of people around the world achieve their dreams of a better life.
ABOUT DREAMSTART LABSDreamStart Labs is a social impact technology startup headquartered in the United States. Our mission is to help people in developing countries realize their dreams of a better life. We deliver world-class mobile and cloud solutions that help these amazing dreamers break the cycle of poverty through entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, and smart investments. 
ABOUT DREAMSAVEOur flagship product is an award-winning mobile app called DreamSave. It runs on a smartphone and is used by bookkeepers of savings groups to manage every aspect of a group. Today, groups use paper ledger books to record savings and loan transactions for their group. DreamSave acts as a “digital ledger”, replacing paper and ensuring accurate record keeping. Individual members can also use DreamSave to view their savings groups and see their balances at any time.  
ABOUT DREAMSAVE IN NIGERIATo expand the use of DreamSave in Nigeria, DreamStart Labs is working closely with several partners, who support savings groups as part of their mission to help underserved populations. This role will be based in Abuja, but the candidate should be able to serve such areas as Adamawa and Ibadan 
As our Customer Success Representative, you will serve as the primary presence of DreamStart Labs in the Nigeria market. You will report to our Head of Customer Success in Kigali, Rwanda, and will work closely with our partner staff members and end-users using DreamSave in Nigeria. Your responsibilities will be divided into a few main areas:

  • Training – You will be the primary person responsible for training the local NGO staff on how to use DreamSave, including setting up groups, running meetings, answering questions, and troubleshooting problems.
  • Support – The most important aspect of this role will be supporting Opportunity International, other potential partners, and their groups, with excellent service as they use the DreamSave app. This will require being highly responsive when questions arise and helping to resolve them quickly. Some of these problems will require simple user education, while others will involve troubleshooting technical issues, and working with the DreamStart Labs team to ensure users get a resolution in a timely manner.
  • Market Development – A third area of responsibility will be working with other potential partners to better understand future market potential for DreamSave in Nigeria. The most notable set of partners will be Microfinance Institutions and Banks that are interested in linking with savings groups running DreamSave. This role will include having strategic meetings with MFIs and other similar market partners to better understand their interest in linking with savings groups. In this case, the Customer Success Representative will be acting as our business representative in Nigeria, working proactively with these partners. This could be one of the most exciting aspects of the role. You will be working creatively with financial service providers to help us design creative ways to link MFIs with savings groups running DreamSave.
  • Translation – Throughout this role, there will be the need to translate items for training or support purposes. Therefore, we will ask you to translate materials for the local market or record videos in Hausa for local partners and groups. Additionally, you will be involved in the ongoing translation of the DreamSave app into Hausa. 

KEY SUPPORT SUCCESS CRITERIAKey success factors for the support part of this role will include the following:

  • Be a DreamSave Expert. To be successful in this role, you will need to become an expert with the DreamSave app. You will spend time using the app yourself, engaging in ongoing discussions and trainings with the global Customer Success team, learning all the support tools, and staying current with the latest new features, bug fixes, tips, and tricks. Our partners and groups in Nigeria should be able to look to you as the #1 expert on how to excel with DreamSave.  
  • Be Positive and Professional. You will be the face of DreamStart Labs in Nigeria with our strategic partners and end-users. The way you treat our users will be a reflection on us. It is critical that our users feel loved, appreciated, and respected. Every interaction should be respectful, encouraging, and supportive. It’s not just about providing support, it’s about going above and beyond with a goal of delighting our partners and end-users. 
  • Be Responsive. In this kind of role, it is important to be responsive and available when a team member, partner, or end-user contacts you. For most day-to-day communications, you will need to respond within a few hours. For urgent support issues, the response time may need to be quicker. For example, if a group has everyone gathered together for a meeting and there is a problem with the app, they may need someone who can answer a support call and help them while they are at their meeting. If they can’t reach our support representative during a time of need, they will not feel supported. This is especially important in the first few months when everything is new, and partners and groups are forming their first impressions about DreamStart Labs. 
  • Be Proactive. You will be our representative in Nigeria, so you will need to be proactive in watching what is happening in the field and keeping DreamStart Labs informed. If you see potential problems or have ideas for improvement, you should bring them to our attention ASAP. This role is not just about waiting for a task list of action items. It’s your role to be passionate about the success of DreamSave and constantly looking for opportunities to help us succeed together.
  • Listen and Learn. When you talk with partners and users about problems or questions, your first job is to listen and make sure you understand the situation. The better you understand the situation, the better you will be able to help them. It’s also important to make sure they know we care about them and want them to succeed.
  • Help Solve Problems. Some users may contact you with a problem with the app or a question about something they don’t understand. In these cases, your job is to help them solve these issues as quickly as possible, working with the rest of the DreamStart Labs team.
  • Report Ideas, Suggestions, and Bugs. Savings groups will undoubtedly have ideas for improvements in DreamSave. Since software is always evolving, there will also be problems discovered along the way. Your job will be to collect all these ideas and issues, document them clearly in the support tools we provide, and follow up on them as needed.  

LOCATION OF ROLEThe ideal candidate would be located in Abuja, Adamawa or Ibadan. The candidate will need some schedule flexibility to do training or even a group visit during the day if needed. It will also be important to be connected with our internal team, partners, and end-users. To be successful, you will need to attend internal team meetings, be active on our Slack-based workspace asking questions and sharing your ideas and experiences, attend field training in-person when possible, and visit groups when possible to learn from them and make sure they feel like they are getting excellent service. 
TERM OF THE ROLE Our intent is for this to be an ongoing role in Nigeria. The best way to ensure this is to delight our partners and end users. If the partners and groups you support are successful, and our business grows, this role will continue as a long-term position.
TIME EXPECTATIONS While there is no firm hourly commitment, we typically find that to be successful in this role, most CS reps starting in a new country spend an average of about 30 hours a week. Some weeks it will be fewer hours and some weeks it will be more, but you should expect to spend about this much time on average.

  • Salary: US $350 monthly
  • Health benefits of up to US $700 per year
  • Communications stipend: approximately US $50 per month
  • Opportunity for performance-based bonuses based on exceptional job performance and proactive initiative-taking.
  • Costs for transportation, meals, and accommodation while traveling shall either be pre-arranged or be covered through an advance/reimbursement.

Required profile for job ad : Customer Success Representative, Nigeria - Remote - Abuja, Adamawa, Ibadan


  • The ideal candidate will have a good cross-section of the following skills and experience: 
  • Passionate believer in our mission to help people in need 
  • Great people skills, with a proven ability to solve problems 
  • Ability to remain calm and patient in stressful situations 
  • Mindset of friendly service and supportive mentoring 
  • Excellent trainer with good communication skills 
  • High integrity and hard working with less supervision 
  • Good project planning and project management skills 
  • Good skills with Android smartphones and is very comfortable using them 
  • Comfortable using web-based tools for collaboration, support, and working from home
  • College degree strongly preferred 
  • General knowledge of savings, lending, and microfinance .

Job criteria for job ad : Customer Success Representative, Nigeria - Remote - Abuja, Adamawa, Ibadan

  • Job category : Health and social professions
  • Industries : Banking, insurance, finance
  • Employment type : Fixed-term contract
  • Region : Abuja - Adamawa - Ibadan - Oyo
  • City :
    Abuja, Adamawa, Ibadan
  • Remote work :
  • Experience level : Less than 2 years - 2 to 5 years - 5 to 10 years - More than 10 years
  • Educational level : High school - Technical school - College - HND - Bachelor - Master - Doctorate
  • Spoken language :
    english > fluent - hausa > fluent
  • Number of Position(s) :
  • Salary expectations :
    < ₦ 600,000
  • Team management :
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Abuja, Adamawa, Ibadan, Nigeria
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25 juin 2024
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24 août 2024
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